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Supreme Court Blocks Ban on Straight Party Ticket Voting

By Donald Stuckey - Posted on 12 September 2016

We are pleased that the US Supreme Court has denied Attorney General Bill Schuette's attempt to allow the State of Michigan to implement its ban on straight party ticket voting.

With today’s action the US Supreme Court has ended months of uncertainty over Republican legislation that would have removed the straight-ticket voting option on November ballots.

The challenge to this legislation was led by Mark Brewer, whose commitment to this matter will ensure that voters will be able to efficiently assert their right to vote.

Instead of taking their message directly to the voters, Michigan Republican legislators have attempted to pass laws designed to make it more difficult for an individual to cast a ballot. Ending straight-party ticket voting would mean longer lines and more confusion for voters.  Because of long lines at the polls in certain communities in Michigan, these actions would have a disproportionate effect on minorities in urban areas like Detroit, Flint, and Pontiac.  These areas vote heavily for Democrats.

It is unacceptable that Bill Schuette and other extremist Republicans spent tax dollars prioritizing the passage of restrictive voting laws.

The Justice Caucus’s PAC (Justice for Michigan) has a long history of reaching out to voters in all areas of Michigan and will continue working to elect progressive candidates up and down the ballot in Michigan who will stand as guardians of our country's most fundamental right to vote.  We will work to elect progressive justices like Judge Deborah Thomas to the Michigan Supreme Court.