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Public Service Does Not Operate On A Business Model

by Jack Minore

Government employees tend almost always to put service first:  business people tend to put profits first.  The two models simply do not work together.   That concept is clear in some of our public servants such as police and fire - - when government employees risk their lives in times of crisis to perform their jobs/service.  But it extends to other less visible situations, too.  

Environmental Protection = Human Protection

by Jack Minore
There has been a significant focus in recent weeks about the "poisoning" of Flint residents through lead corrosion in the drinking water  We don't know with complete certainty what or who may be responsible for the problem - but one thing is certain:  both the Michigan the Department of Environmental Quality and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency failed in their mission to enforce the environmental protections the law provides.  

The Michigan Democratic Presidential Primary - March 8th

by Scott Urbanowski
The eyes of the political world are on Michigan, home to the next major presidential primary for both parties. As with every election, every vote counts - but this time, each vote is even more important because delegates are proportionally allocated to candidates based on how well they do on March 8.

Give Us Pro-Choice Candidates for Supreme Court

The Justice Caucus has been called the “conscience of the Michigan Democratic Party.” With over 2700 members statewide, we are Michigan’s progressive democratic caucus.

Rudy Serra Endorsed for State Rep

The Justice Caucus endorsed Rudy Serra for State Representative (District 27).  Co-founder of the Justice Caucus (with Paul Stevenson), Serra's lifelong commitment to social and economic justice is truly impressive.

Rashida Tlaib Fights For Her Constituents

The Justice Caucus has endorsed Rashida Tlaib for Michigan Senate (District 4).  She fights for her constituents in Lansing and in her home district.

Foreclosure is just one of the issues she has taken on as she fights for social and economic justice.

Check out this video & spread the word!

Rashida Tlaib is the kind of legislator we need in Lansing.

Richard Bernstein Announces Supreme Court Candidacy

Attorney Richard Bernstein has announced that he is seeking nomination for the Michigan Supreme Court.  There are three Supreme Court seats on the November ballot and two Engler appointees seeking re-election.

Well-known for his advocacy for the rights of disabled clients, Bernstein is a former member of the Wayne State University Board of Governors.  He ran unsuccessfully for attorney general in 2010.

Hear the announcement in his own words.

Justice Caucus Celebrates, Another Barrier Falls

By: Rudy Serra

Past Co-Chair and Co-Founder, Justice Caucus

Founder and Former Chair, MDP Stonewall Caucus (now known as “LGBT Caucus”)

Attorney – Former Judge

Action Alert:: Fight Terrible Foreclosure Bills

Please call your State Representative, State Senator and Governor Syder (517-373-3400) and encourage them to vote NO on HB 4765, HB 4766, SB380 and SB 383 and all bills tie-barred to them.  Under the "compromise", homeowners lose the automatic redemption period.